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Vision Leads / Culture Follows

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creative authority

Lessons in owning your brand's direction. Dangerous tools for anyone to have. Learn the essentials and the things no one else will tell you.
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Design for people

I deal in the visual & interactive, tools that inspire the mind. My doing is designing. Design that distinguishes –that differentiates individuals and businesses and proves profitable.
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From projects to products and ready-made services. See and buy what you find of value and support my goals for creating a more identifiable future.
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What's an Identifiable Future?
One you can connect with. Identity and beauty are important. Being able to know who you are and where you stand both as an individual and as a business is more powerful than most understand and often overlooked by the privileged and taught to be undervalued by the unprivileged. An identifiable future is one defined by it's owner and not by those around him/her/them/zir/x.
So what's my vision & why should you care?
I feel strongly about many things. I may not always share my thoughts openly, but when I do I own up to them.
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