This is about clarity.

Thoughts on life, vision & culture and how it relates to our community.

Design is finesse.

It's doing things creatively with thoughtful reason executed beautifully. What can be designed? Everything.

An Identifiable Future.

We're already heading there, but it doesn't mean we lay lax waiting for it to happen. There are too many stories that are lost, struggles that end in tragedy and we're fighting institutional injustices daily that set even the most prepared for failure. The problem isn't necessarily the political systems that we are so ignited by as of late. The problem is the economic divide. The fact that 26 people hold the wealth of half the world. And the other 7 billion+ people are left to fight for half all documented wealth. In a state of almost inevitable crises what do you do? You continue to build to make a mark. To become an influence and change the way things are perceived. You learn from history and apply what's applicable. You unite resources because any success worth having isn't worth doing it on your own. You share your story and you own it. Regardless of success or failure. You make sure the next generation has better tools and a stronger knowledgebase to decide their own fate. And lastly you enjoy life.

What's an identifiable future? 

One you can connect with. Identity and beauty are important. Being able to know who you are and where you stand both as an individual and as a business is more powerful than most understand and often overlooked by the unprivileged and taught to be undervalued to the privileged. An identifiable future is one defined by it's owner and not by those around him/her/them/zir/x.

This isn't a vision statement but rather an introduction to how I think.

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