who am i.

I am just another human being with a vision of helping others define theirs. I've helped sharpen people as they have sharpened me.


I've spent my teens as a scholar on the honor-roll while holding part-time roles in sales hustling oriental rugs, haircuts and flipping burgers at my parent's restaurant.

I spent my early twenties chartering a fraternal organization on my undergraduate campus that despite being set for failure is now a thriving hub for cultivating leaders among Latino men. I did this while holding a full-ride to my alma mater and maintaining the dean's list for many of my semesters there. During those same summers I gained experience at various fortune 500 and 1000 firms as an intern learning to understand and grasp corporate culture and how it varies from firm to firm.

I went off to work in corporate, post graduation to learn the immediate harsh reality that success is a thin line to walk. One second you can be on the rise, the next you're being placed in unnecessary positions of struggle. And if my life is about peace, happiness, and progress then anything defined as unnecessary is to be avoided. So I skipped out on a couple positions and left to grad school. I earned my MBA in International Business while working as an analyst in the global marketing department of a private bank in London. All the while I still hustled –designing and launching a now defunct tee shirt line, exhibiting my photography at Stour Space in Hackney Wick, London and recovering from reconstructed ACL surgery. I completed my dissertation for my MBA in Thailand on the application of the creative process in the workplace, while building relationships with small manufacturers and designing a cut and sew clothing line that never saw full production.

I returned to Chicago to design and launch a mobile concierge barber app that I sold a year later. Meanwhile, freelancing and building a name for myself working with small businesses. 4 years and 31 clients later, I'm here setting off in my thirties –thinking about the now and future.

I've done all this and more with zero mentors and a handful of heroes. I'm no stranger to struggle, failure or success –this website is the platform I'm building to share my knowledge, thoughts, and work.

Entrepreneurship will always be a part of me. Raised by two Puerto Rican parents who instilled hard-work and education while smiling and enjoying life. They took on risk both calculated and ridiculous to survive this thing called life so that they may give their children an opportunity to thrive. 


I deal in visions. The cards you draw only determine where you start, not where you end. Missions are cool. Purpose is better. But an aligned vision leads and culture follows. I work with visionaries. Why because a vision has the power to communicate and unite resources for a greater good. It inspires action and shapes culture. Vision Leads / Culture Follows.

I deal in the visual & interactive, tools that inspire the mind. My doing is designing. Design that distinguishes –that differentiates individuals and businesses and proves profitable. My role is in helping clients find clarity through problem definition and prescribed solutions.